Britax Advocate 70 CS Click and Safe Convertible Car Seat Review

Britax Advocate 70 CS Click & Safe Convertible Car SeatBritax Advocate 70 CS Click & Safe Convertible Car Seat
Britax Advocate 70 CS Click and Safe Convertible Car Seat

Britax Advocate 70 CS Click and Safe Convertible Car Seat

With some fantastic color options the Britax Advocate 70 Click and Safe Convertible Car Seat is definitely one of the most attractive yet higher priced car seats available.

Despite the higher price tag, parents can find a great deal on this model and they will definitely love the additional padding and safety indicator on the harness ensuring their child is safer than ever in the car!

Product Details

This 4th bestselling convertible car seat ships out from Amazon at a weight of 28.9 pounds and with the dimensions as follows: 21” x 22” x 26”.

Final Analysis


Backed with a one year warranty this Britax convertible car seat has all of the right features. The padded head support keeps the neck and head aligned while making it a comfortable ride and the energy absorbing foam all around the frame helps absorb the impact from any collisions.

There are also five different color options including a very attractive zebra print one. All of the color options are very attractive and the patterns on them accentuate the noticeable padding while making it easy to see where certain clips and straps go.

Lastly there is an audible indicator that alerts you when you have the harness just right. Many parents may make the harness too loose which can cause even more harm to their child in the event of an accident so this indicator can definitely save your child’s life!


This Britax Advocate 70 CS Convertible Car Seat is by far one of the most expensive ones. It retails at $380 which can make it a bit out of some people’s price range. Fortunately you can find great deals online especially on Amazon!

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Amazon Customer Reviews:

1. Britax Advocate – Okay Enough But Disappointing At The Price

I know that official inspectors say that all the car seats they approve are equally safe, I still think that some are more safe than others. The Advocate does look comfortable but not necessarily if you still have the seat in the backwards position as I must do for my two year old. This seat does not allow much leg room so my son is already getting crowded and he is supposed to stay facing backward till he is four.

The Advocate is a sturdy seat and fits tightly in position, but the foam on the side protectors around his head have already cracked and some of it broken off just from getting in and out of the seat. This seat is also very large. There is not much room left over and I would be hard pressed if I needed two of them at the same time.

Add all this to the fact that when I called customer service about the crumbling foam, they were very rude and unhelpful, I think the next car seat I get will be something different.

2. Britax Advocate – The Safest Seat On The Market

After a terrible accident a few years ago I had to go in search of another car sea. Multiple reviews and forum posts convinced me that the Britax Advocate was the best,safest car seat on the market.

Once you get it out of the box you can see the quality that goes into it. You can adjust the straps without having to access the back of the seat. There are side impact cushions for protecting your child from side impacts. There is a “Click and Safe” feature that audibly sounds as you adjust the straps to make them snug around the child. The Advocate is a very sturdy seat and very comfortable. It is very long-lasting and adjusts to your child as it grows. The cover comes off for easy cleaning.

There are only two things I have to complain about. One is the price. This is a very expensive seat and can only be balanced by its adjustability and durability so it doesn’t need to be replaced so often. And the reclining portion is fixed once installed so you have to work at finding the right reclining of the seat it is placed on as it will not move after that.

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1 Comment on "Britax Advocate 70 CS Click and Safe Convertible Car Seat Review"

  1. Britax Advocate – Worth The Money

    We have had a lot of car seats, counting ours, my sister’s car and my mom’s. Some of them were not very good. Mom convinced me (and helped with the cost) for a Britax Advocate and despite the price, I will never go back to anything else. I was amazed that it even fit in the back of my 2009 Challenger as there isn’t much room in the back.

    I like the autoclick when tightening the straps. I like the quick and easy install pistol grip clips. It may take up all the room and be hard to get around but the seat sits firmly in its place.

    The structure of the seat is great. After a tummy accident, my son messed the back up and I was forced to do a major cleaning on the car seat. I was very happy that the surfaces cleaned up with just soap and water and that it dried back as soft as it was originally. The solidity of the seat helps me feel secure that I have the best possible protection for my son.

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