Britax Boulevard G4.1 Convertible Car Seat Review

Britax Boulevard 70Britax Boulevard 70
Britax Boulevard G4.1 Convertible Car Seat

Britax Boulevard 70 Convertible Car Seat

With five different design options available for the Britax Boulevard 70 Convertible Car Seat, parents and children alike will love the safety and design features for this model.

While it is a little pricey, the safety features ensure that your most precious thing in the world is kept as safe as possible should an accident occur – something that is truly priceless!

Product Details

This 5th bestselling convertible car seat weighs in at a 22.7 pound total and ships with the following dimensions: 21” x 18.5” x 26”.

Final Analysis


The most important areas that need protection on your child’s body are the head and neck which is why this Britax Boulevard G4.1 convertible car seat has deep side wings to protect your child and an extra layer of energy absorbing foam to keep the head and neck protected and aligned during an accident.

Overall this particular car seat has outstanding safety ratings and has met all of the U.S safety standards and can hold your child from five pounds clear up to seventy pounds. It also has some cute boy and girl seat designs making it simple to get one gender appropriate or even gender neutral.


Despite having tangle free harness straps, it can be quite easy to tangle them up especially if you are wrestling with a little one and strapping them in! Fortunately if you take your time and pay attention to which strap you are grabbing you can get it done, just not good if you are in a rush.

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Amazon Customer Reviews

1.Britax Boulevard – Both Good and Bad Features Here

There are very good features in the Britax Boulevard car seat. It has a very thick and comfortable cover with a styrofoam-like texture.
The cover is easy to detach for cleaning purposes and does not require uninstalling to do so. Most of it dries by the next day so it is ready to go again.

Preferring the rear-facing seating arrangement, I found that Britax no longer recommends using the seat belts to tether the seat. Now, they recommend an anti-rebound bar. Now comes the first part of the problems. While the Canadian version is included with the seat at no extra charge, the USA version does not have the rebound bar included but sells it as a “accessory” for an extra charge.

Also, customer service seems to be slipping from its former excellence. When I first installed the seat I was uneasy about the amount of “play” between the shell and the base. When I called about it to see if I just had a defective product, the service rep was rude and insisted I send a video of the seat before they would discuss the problem.

Overall, it is a good seat, but I have reservations about a company that doesn’t seem to care too much for their customer’s questions.

2. Britax Boulevard – Not The Best For Me

I have used Britax products before. I found the B-Agile infant seat and their stroller to be excellent but must unfortunately give the Boulevard car seat a less than glowing review. While the straps may work for some children, they did not work well with mine. The buckle seems too short and it and the straps cut into his thighs even without them being pulled tight.

Hoping that maybe I had just botched the installation, I reread the manual and went searching for videos or articles on the Internet that might explain the process better. What I found was that a lot of people had this same problem of the straps being to tight on the legs.

It seems otherwise to be a good seat but if you are thinking of getting one, be sure to test it in your car and with your child first to make sure you are one of the ones it actually fits.

3. Britax Boulevard – Very Safety-Oriented Construction But Still Minor Flaws

Installing the Britax Boulevard is surprisingly simple compared to what the instructions seem to say. Raising and lowering the back to adjust the shoulder straps and adjusting the bottom latch to account for my daughter’s growing was not at all hard. Not only does the Boulevard come with latch clips, it can also accommodate threading a seat belt through it and comes with locking clips for the belts. Most car seats have a little bit of wiggle room but the Boulevard doesn’t move at all.

One problem is that the head strap when the seat is in the rear facing position can be annoying while getting my kid in and out. But it does have an indicator on the anchor straps that would show if the seat had previously been strained enough to indicate being in a collision. This is important as the seat should be replaced if it has been in a wreck.

I also did not find the infant positioning pillow that was supposed to be included and the velcro on the straps does not line up with the places on the seat they are supposed to attach to.

This is my third one over two children so I must say that while not perfect, it is one of the best car seats I can imagine.

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