Graco ComfortSport Convertible Car Seat Review

Graco ComfortSportGraco ComfortSport
Graco ComfortSport Convertible Car Seat

Graco ComfortSport Convertible Car Seat

The Graco ComfortSport convertible car seat definitely delivers above and beyond expectations. This Graco car seat is available in five very attractive colors, has tons of adjustable features, and the level indicator makes it simple to install right in seconds.

Unfortunately this car seat does have a lower weight limit when compared to other convertible car seats however all of the safety features and design options definitely outweigh that minor problem!

Product Details

This bestselling convertible car seat on weighs in at a total of 17.2 pounds with shipping dimensions of 18.5” x 20” x 26.5”.

Final Analysis


Five various color choices make this attractive convertible car seat very appealing to parents and children alike fortunately this Graco car seat has a lot more to offer. Not only does the adjustable head support ensure your little one is comfortable and safe, but this particular Graco model has been rigorously tested and meets or exceeds all of the strict safety standards.

On top of that parents can finally install a car seat securely without a long hassle thanks to this convertible car seat’s hassle-free level indicator.

Overall the cup holder, attractive design, and outstanding safety features definitely makes this one of the most affordable and safest convertible car seats available.


One small problem is that this convertible car seat doesn’t hold children well into their toddler stages like some do. The lower price makes it a more affordable option but you lack the higher weight range that comes with a higher price.

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Amazon Customer Reviews

1. Graco ComfortSport – No Good For Rear Facing

My daughter is 18 months old and still needs to be in a rear facing car seat. I got the Graco ComfortSport because it had good reviews. I guess now I know that the good reviews must have come from people who installed the seat facing forward.

It was very difficult to install. I tried both the the shoulder straps and the clips but could not get the seat to tighten down. The straps were in a very difficult place to get to on the back. I didn’t like that it still wiggled around and it looked like it sat up too straight to be comfortable on a long trip.

What happened next was horrifying! Every time I made a right turn, the seat would fall over to the side. I got out and rigged one of the straps for front facing seating around the headrest poles on the front seat just to keep it upright till I got back home. I don’t know how it may be the other way around but it doesn’t work rear facing.

Gina, Austin, Texas


2. Graco ComfortSport – If I Only Knew Then What I Know Now

I really thought I would like this car seat when I first saw it in the store. The color was right and the price was right – even cheaper than a portable air conditioner. Unfortunately that was about where it ended.

Once I got it home I found the seat impossible to install. I took it to the fire station and the officer there finally got it in although he said it was the hardest seat he had ever installed.

Then a few months later I noticed another problem. The slots for adjusting for growth are too low raise the shoulder straps as my child grows. And to top it all off, the buckle started to stick and become very difficult to open. I checked the company website and found out this model had been on a recall.

I am getting a refund so I can get another seat but I will not be replacing it with a Graco.

Maria, Columbus, Ohio


3. Graco ComfortSport – I Hate This Seat

I was traveling and had a rear end collision that required me to get a new seat for the rental to continue. I had trouble getting it installed in the car and could never get it to fit securely. I could see that it did not fit well in a car with a small back seat.

After I got home I went looking for another car. I thought that maybe the small back seat of the rental had been the problem so I made sure the new car had a larger back seat area. I still had the same problem. It would always take nearly 20 minutes of fiddling with it to get the seat in and it never fit tightly.

I read the manual 3 times so I know I am doing it the way they say but I am going to be getting another seat as soon as I can. I don’t feel my child is safe in this seat since it has a tendency to tip over to the side when I make turns. It may have been inexpensive but I think the next seat I get will be better made.

Abbie, El Paso, Texas

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