Recaro ProRIDE Convertible Car Seat Review

RECARO 2015 Proride Convertible Car SeatRECARO 2015 Proride Convertible Car Seat
Recaro ProRIDE Convertible Car Seat

Recaro ProRIDE Convertible Car Seat

If you are looking for options then the Recaro ProRIDE convertible car seat is definitely for you. There are nine different color and design options allowing you to pick one of the safest car seats available in the style that matches your baby theme the best!

This ergonomic and ventilated car seat is definitely one of the highest rated convertible car seats and continues to be one of the top selling convertible car seats available!

Product Details

As one of the top selling convertible car seats on this particular model ships out at a 26.1 pound total weight.

Final Analysis


With plenty of adjustable features including an adjustable recline and an adjustable headrest, your child can sit comfortably in this Recaro ProRIDE convertible car seat. The energy absorbing foam lines the entire seat cushioning your little one, while the cool mesh air ventilation keeps your child’s temperature regulated so they don’t get too hot.

The great thing about this Recaro convertible car seat is that the side impact protection is outstanding – you can see the noticeably deeper walls and the head wings that keep your child’s neck and head aligned and protected.


The only real issue with the Recaro ProRide convertible car seat is that it is on the higher price range. It does have a lot of options for colors and designs however with a regular retail value of $259 it makes it a little harder for some parents to afford.
Fortunately most parents decide to buy this model because the additional safety and comfort features are well worth the extra few bucks.

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Amazon Customer Reviews

1. Best Car Seat I Have Ever Bought

This is undoubtedly the best car seat I have had. I started out with a smaller, flimsier seat but was given a Recaro by a friend. It is so much better. The installation was not difficult and I am amazed at how firm and secure it is. I put the latches in first, and then the tethers. I knelt in the seat to push it up tight. The way the seat is built, you don’t have to worry that it will shift.

The seat does not move even when my 4 year old is doing the twist. She likes the new seat much better than the old one because it sits up high enough she can see out the windows.

I am thinking of getting a second one to put in my mother’s car for when she is out grandmothering it! Once installed, putting my daughter in the seat is easy enough to not cause trouble for my mother even at her age.

2. Simply The Best

I bought the Recaro seat for my daughter when she outgrew her first one. While researching for the best replacement I got lucky and managed to speak with a representative of the manufacturer while I was in the store looking at car seats. He convinced me to give this one a try and I am glad he did.

Depending on where we are going, the car seat can be switched from front-facing to rear-facing. It is also very easy to clean. Whether potty accidents or upset stomach, I have always been able to get it clean with no more than Clorox wipes.

It is a bit bulky, but after a little the installation process gets easier and I soon started being able to switch it out in different vehicles, once even an airplane.

The only potential problem I see is that it is bulky, While this makes it more stable, it does mean that you wouldn’t be able to use it in every car on the road. Check first to see if yours is a fit for this excellent seat!

3. Workable But Not Perfect

This is a decent car seat but I still prefer the Britax for my kids because it is better for setting them up rear facing which I like the best. This one only does up to 40 pounds in the rear facing mode and you cannot tether it this way. So if you like this best – this is not the seat for you.

It also doesn’t work too well in small cars. The seat is rather bulky and if you needed to put two of them in the back it would be crowded fast. It is entirely possible that they would be completely too big for the backs of some small cars.

However, the Proride is a sturdy, well-made product. Lots of the reviews we read stated that people have a hard time getting a tight installation but we did not have that problem. We put ours in a mid-sized car and are very pleased with how tightly it is held in. Since the tightness of the seat installation is critical to the good performance, you may want to search around to find out if your specific car has been listed as one that has problems with the proper installation.

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